Contact us : Tel: 99333026 - Mike – English / 96674517 - Savva – Greek
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Weather at DNA Paintball

How to find DNA Paintball

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DNA Paintball – The most experienced paintball field in Cyprus

DNA Paintball Cyprus is the oldest running paintball field in Cyprus. It was established back in 2004 and has since become the best paintball field in Cyprus. We currently feature 4 paintball arenas. Big “Junk Yard”-field full of tires, wooden castles and rusty vehicles. “Village” field which contains 4 small structures and some open ground in between providing a mix of close quarters and long range firefights. A very close quartered “CQB” field (18+ only due to extreme close range). And a “Cage Fight” field which is a straightforward head-on field with minimal amount of bunkers, this field is also used as a tournament paintball (aka speedball) training grounds for our local paintball teams. For bigger groups and due to position of the fields we can also combine all 4 fields to create one HUGE playing field with a mix of everything! (for big groups please contact us for details here : contact us).


In addition to paintball and mini tanks you can also play Lasertag in all of your paintball fields, if you already have a location in mind, give us a call and we will bring our Lasertag gear to you!

Easy to find

DNA Paintball is located in Paphos, Cyprus. Our location is very easy to find as we are within city limits and only some 5 minute drive from Kato Paphos. Check our simplified map or Google map to see how to get to Dna Paintball from your location. We offer very reasonable prices and extremely friendly and knowing staff, all staff at DNA Paintball plays paintball on regular basis, which means that we can offer you and your friends a safe and yet fun time paintballing in Cyprus.

We are open everyday from around 9am to 8pm including weekends and holidays, please contact us if you are interested in paintballing in late hours or very early

For inqueries and bookings please Contact us by email:

Or phone
  • (English) Mike : 99333026
  • (Greek) Savva : 96674517 
You can also contact us by using our contact form here

Other activities at DNA Paintball & Entertainment center

The reason why DNA is so great is that in addition to paintball, lasertag and minitanks we also offer other entertainment. Throughout the day you can skate completely for free in our free Skate Park. Enjoy a game of pool. We also have a selection of popular PS3 games for you to enjoy (Playing Gran Turismo 5 on our Racing rigs is awesome!). While on a break you can also get a snack or a soda from our Snack Bar.

Favoured by the troops

We are proud to announce that we are constantly offering our services to international military troops that are stationed in Cyprus or are just using our little island as a pit-stop before going home. We are always privileged and honored to have them using our services.

Corporate events and team building

Dna Paintball can offer you the level of service that NO OTHER field in cyprus is willing or able to provide. Whether you are looking for an activity to celebrate your birthday or just to have a party, DNA Paintball is ready to offer its services to you and your friends. We are also able to provide Team-building and Corporate events to groups of various sizes.

Simply the best

According to the thousands of yearly paintballers and visitors, DNA Paintball is the best paintball field in Cyprus. Whether you compare the fields or premises or simply the athmosphere we are able to provide, there simply is NO OTHER paintball facility like us in Cyprus. These are the words of thousands of yearly visitors we get, whether they are young or old, Russian, Greek, Cypriot, English, German, Dutch, South African, Finnish, Swedish or from any other country.

Paintball in Cyprus

DNA is not the only paintball center in Cyprus, there are actually over 10 “active” fields, all located in and around the biggest cities such as Nicosia, Limassol, Larnaka and Paphos. Out of all the fields DNA Paintball  is the only one that is working on every day of the week, not only on bookings. All the fields in Cyprus offer their own kind of experience, with the climate on our small island changing quite a lot depending on the location, you might be surprised how different it is to play on each field.

Charity events

DNA Painball is also known to participate in charity events or hosting such events at DNA Paintball facility, if you have something in mind, give us a buzz.

Come on down and check for yourself!